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Medical Laboratory Science Program

Employment Opportunities

Student Employment

A limited number of student positions (usually in phlebotomy) have traditionally been available in the UMPC Chautauqua Laboratory for program-accepted students who wish to work.  This is a voluntary, compensated work experience for which students are trained on-the-job, not requiring previous phlebotomy experience.  Due to the need to train, positions typically begin in the summer prior to the start of the academic year.  Students working in phlebotomy typically clock 37.5 hours each paycheck (every 2 weeks), which includes working mornings, alternating afternoons and every-other Saturday.  Students do not work during school hours and must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

All positions are provided by UMPC Chautauqua and are not related to the Medical Laboratory Science Program.  Applications, interviews and hiring are handled by the UMPC Chautauqua  Human Resource department.  Interested students should contact the Program Director, the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services, or the Human Resource department.

Employment After Graduation

The job placement rate for graduates of the UMPC Chautauqua Medical Laboratory Science Program is very high with most students interviewing and accepting employment positions prior to graduating, allowing them to start working soon after completing the program.  Those students limiting their job search to a specific location or demographic may find some challenges in placement.

While it is the ultimate hope that students trained in the UMPC Chautauqua Medical Laboratory Science Program will choose to remain in the area to fill UMPC Chautauqua’s staffing vacancies, the hospital does not guarantee positions to its graduates.  Traditionally, a varying number of positions have been available for the graduates and those interested will participate in the application and interview process along with other potential employees.

UMPC Chautauqua does not maintain a job placement bureau, however, students are provided with lectures, mock interviews and other resources to help them with preparing their résumés and preparing for job interviews.  Additional resources, including listings of job openings and interested employers, are made available.

UMPC Chautauqua knows the quality of the professional it graduates from its Medical Laboratory Science Program.  Having our graduates join our laboratory team is the ultimate goal of our hospital and laboratory.  We are honored when our graduates remain at UMPC Chautauqua and commit to helping our patients to the best of their ability.  We are also proud as these new graduates join the noble endeavor to teach and guide the next class of students to become quality entry-level technologists.  We hope each graduate will seriously consider joining the UMPC Chautauqua Healthcare Team.