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The moment you enter the UPMC Chautauqua Sleep Center, a Respiratory Therapist will greet and escort you to your sleep center private room. Your bedroom is equipped with a full size bed, a private bath and a shower area.

Once you are comfortable, the therapist will explain the sleep study procedure. Your sleep patterns will be monitored from a separate control room throughout the night. When you awake, you will be able to prepare for the day ahead.

Your test results will be sent to your doctor. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss your results.


What are the benefits?

Care and concern for the patient is our top priority. Most sleep disorders can be effectively treated. Referral to other specialists may be recommended to aid in treatment. They provide sleep apnea solutions for your home care needs including:


Do You Need a Sleep Study?

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, you may have a sleep disorder:
Have been told that you stop breathing while asleep. Suffer from depression.
Wake up gasping for air. Have trouble concentrating.
Your partner complains that you often snore loudly. Often feel tired.
Have difficulty falling asleep. Fall asleep at inappropriate times; while driving or at work.
Are overweight. Take frequent naps.
Have high blood pressure. Walk in your sleep.
Wake up with headaches. Experience involuntary body movement while asleep.

Physician referral required.

UPMC Chautauqua Sleep Center
3rd Floor
To schedule an appointment, call 716-664-8430